Towards outcomes-based healthcare in Europe – How can the State of Health in the EU show the way?


Following the publication of the Country Health Profiles and Companion Report, this event seeks to explore how the State of Health in the EU can be implemented at national and regional level to address current health systems challenges and show the way towards outcomes-based healthcare in Europe.

We will hear from Sylvain Giraud, Head of the Unit on Performance of National Health Systems (DG SANTE), and Josep Figueras, Director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, on the State of Health in the EU and its milestones. Michael van den Berg, from the Organisation for Economic Co-ordination and Development, will then showcase how the OECD work can facilitate outcomes-based healthcare systems.

These keynote speeches will be complemented by two panel discussions - composed of representatives of the EU Health Coalition, including patients, healthcare professionals, industry and hospitals representatives, regional and local health authorities - both discussing how to put these results into practice on a larger scale, the barriers to implementation and how national and EU policy makers could help further this agenda in order to improve patient care while making healthcare systems more sustainable.